Here are details of the cloud plans and on-premises products that we offer. All prices are in US$.

Cloud plans

Our cloud plans allow you to get started with Structurizr quickly, without needing to host and update software on your own servers. You can read about how and where data is stored.


The full feature set designed for teams, with 3 workspaces.

per month


The full feature set designed for teams, with 10 workspaces.

per month


The full feature set designed for teams, with 50 workspaces.

per month

Annual payments

Our cloud plans are available at a discounted rate for one year. This is a non-renewing payment rather than an annual subscription.


The full feature set designed for teams, with 3 workspaces.

for one year


The full feature set designed for teams, with 10 workspaces.

for one year


The full feature set designed for teams, with 50 workspaces.

for one year

Free one month trial

After signing up for our Free Plan, you'll see a link on your dashboard to activate a free one month trial, which allows you to create up to 3 workspaces and unlocks all of the available features, including the on-premises installation. This is obligation free and no payment details are required.

Per team pricing, not per user

Unlike typical software modelling and documentation tools where the pricing is "per user", Structurizr's pricing is designed to be "per team", for whatever your own definition of a "team" is. Our rationale for this is that we want to make good software architecture diagrams and documentation available to everybody on a team, rather than just those lucky few individuals who are fortunate enough to have licenses for tooling. "Per user" licensing also results in a common anti-pattern where a small number of people end up being responsible for updating diagrams, with the resulting diagrams often being manually exported to static images for inclusion in documentation or wiki pages. Workspaces owned by a Cloud Plan customer can be shared with users on the Free Plan.

The "Team Plan" is now known as the "Cloud Plan". The "Personal", "Standard" and "Enterprise" plans have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase. Existing active monthly subscriptions and annual upgrades are unaffected.

On-premises installation

We also have a standalone version of Structurizr that can be run locally on your own servers, providing all of the major features needed to visualise, document and explore your software architecture. The on-premises installation is available as a perpetual license with support and updates included for one year. Support and updates for subsequent years is priced at $499 per year.


A standalone, on-premises version of Structurizr.

inclusive of support and updates for one year

The on-premises installation is available to purchase via invoice only. Please contact us for details.

Product comparison

Here is a comparison of the products that we offer.

The basic feature set for individuals.
The full feature set designed for teams.
A standalone, on-premises version of Structurizr.
A workspace stores one software architecture model.
1 3/10/50 No limit
Cloud storage
The ability to store workspace information in the cloud.
Workspace size
The size limit of each workspace when stored in the cloud.
0.5 MB 5 MB
Private workspaces
Create private workspaces, hidden from public view.
Role-based access
Share your workspace with team members, using role-based security.
Sharing link
Share your workspace using a read-only URL.
Static diagrams
System Landscape, System Context, Container and Component diagrams.
Dynamic diagrams
Collaboration diagrams to show dynamic/runtime behaviour (example).
Deployment diagrams
Diagrams to show the mapping of containers to deployment nodes. (example).
Supplementary documentation
Lightweight supplementary documentation using Markdown or AsciiDoc to complement the software architecture diagrams.
Visualise and explore the software architecture model.
Health checks (coming soon)
Supplement your deployment models with HTTP-based health checks to get an "at a glance" view of the health of your software systems (example).
Local storage
Import workspaces from JSON files and store them in your web browser's local storage.
Client-side encryption
Encrypt workspaces before uploading via the cloud API, and decrypt them in your browser using your own passphrase (example).
On-premises installation
An on-premises, standalone installation of the Structurizr.
Watermarking and logos
Structurizr watermarks and/or "powered by" logos on diagrams and documentation.
Corporate branding
Brand your diagrams and documentation with your corporate logo, font and colour scheme.
Export diagrams to PNG
Export the current diagram to a 300dpi a PNG file, for printing or inclusion in slide decks.
Customizable export
Export multiple diagrams at once to PNG, with or without diagram metadata.
iframe embed
Embed diagrams in web pages using a HTML iframe or the Atlassian Confluence macros.
Public diagrams only
Image embed
Embed diagrams in web pages using a PNG image.
Receive support via the Google Group.
Priority support
Receive priority support by e-mail, using the link on your dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Do you manage credit card details yourself?

No, we use Braintree Payments (a PayPal company).

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Refunds (annual cloud plans only; excludes the on-premises installation)

If you're not happy for any reason, we'll give you a full refund within one calendar month from the date that you purchased your annual cloud plan. After this time, no refunds will be given. Contact from the e-mail address that you signed up with.

Cancelling a monthly subscription

To cancel a monthly subscription, simply use the link on your dashboard. No refunds are given on monthly subscriptions.


Please contact if you would like to purchase an annual Cloud Plan or On-Premises installation via an invoice; including your business name, address and any purchase order details. Due to the EU VAT place of supply rules, EU registered businesses must also include their EU tax number to avoid being charged VAT at the local rate. For Cloud Plans, an additional $100 administration fee will be added for purchases that are not made via the online payment process.


Please note that all sales are direct only; we do not work with resellers.