Static Structure - Tree

This is a simple collapsible tree that allows you to explore the static structure of elements defined in the software architecture model. In other words, it shows the hierarchy of software systems, containers, components and code elements.

Static Structure - Tree

In this example, the Spring PetClinic software system is made up of a Web Application container, which is in turn made up of a number of components, which are themselves made up of a number of code elements (Java classes and interfaces, in this case).

Colour coding

The colour coding is as follows:

Model Software System Container Component Code Shared Code


Hovering the mouse pointer over an element will show a tooltip with more detail about that element.

Static Structure - Tree

Code elements

The code elements are rendered as follows:

  • Bold text - The primary component type.
  • Regular text - Supporting types that are only used by this component.
  • Grey text - Supporting types that are shared between this and other components.

Static Structure - Tree