Static Structure - Graph

This exploration is a force-directed graph showing the elements (people, software systems, containers and components) and the relationships between them.

Static Structure - Graph

Colour coding

The colour coding of the components matches that of your diagrams.


Hovering the mouse pointer over an element will show a tooltip with more detail about that element.

Static Structure - Graph

Highlighting direct connections

Click a node in the graph to highlight the other nodes that are directly connected to it.

Static Structure - Graph

Filtering elements

Elements can be filtered by name (a regular expression, case-insensitive) or tag (a comma separated list of tags, case-insensitive), to highlight the elements (and their direct neighbours) that are included in the graph. For example:

  • A name filter of .* - show all elements.
  • A name filter of .*Repository.* - highlight all elements that have Repository in the name, plus their direct neighbours.
  • A tags filter of container - highlight all elements that have the container tag, plus their direct neighbours.

Not available with the free version