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Have you ever spent hours trying to make a software architecture diagram using a general purpose diagramming tool? Structurizr is a lightweight, web-based modelling tool that lets you quickly create diagrams based upon the C4 model for software architecture.

System Landscape diagram

System Landscape diagrams

System Context diagram

System Context diagrams

Container diagram

Container diagrams

Component diagram

Component diagrams

Dynamic diagram

Dynamic diagrams

Deployment diagram

Deployment diagrams

Structurizr General purpose
diagramming tools
Create a consistent set of diagrams based upon a model.
A diagram key/legend and title is created automatically for every diagram.
Navigable diagrams allow you to double-click on an element to zoom-in to the next level of detail.
Animations allow you to gradually tell the story piece by piece.
Explorations provide alternative visualisations of the model behind your diagrams.






Create software architecture diagrams based upon the C4 model. Diagrams are interactive, navigable, and animatable.


Create supplementary documentation using Markdown or AsciiDoc, all full-text searchable.


Create architecture decision records (ADRs) to capture your significant design decisions, all full-text searchable.


Explore your software architecture model from a number of perspectives, to get insight into the structure of your software.

How would you like to create diagrams and documentation?

Structurizr lets you create a software architecture model using code (via the JSON-based web API), or with our browser-based UI (recommended for non-programmers).

Create content using code

Code or YAML (via the JSON-based web API)

Create content using the UI

Browser-based UI

See the getting started guide for more details.


Share your software architecture diagrams and documentation with your team, using role-based access or a unique sharing link.


Export your software architecture diagrams to PNG or SVG, via the UI or the scripting API. The complete set of diagrams and documentation can also be exported to a static HTML page for offline use.


Integrate your software architecture diagrams into websites and wikis, using the iframe embed or the macros built specifically for Atlassian Confluence. Search for content directly from Slack.